Environmental and Quality system

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Savaterra’s Environmental (ISO 14001:2015) and Quality (ISO 9001:2015) system covers following aspects and fuctions:


Quality certificate: ISO 9001:2015
Environmental certificate: ISO 14001:2015

  • Polluted  soil and recyclable material treatment and handling
  • Operations in the polluted  soil and recyclable material treatment centres (off-site projects)
  • Polluted soil on-site projects
  • Sludge treatment and fertiliser production
  • Pansio’s bildge water receptory  plant
  • Oily sludge treatment thermally
  • Sales, marketing  and customer processes
  • Personal administration
  • Environmental protection
  • Quality administration and development

The operating system includes a standard SFS-EN ISO 9001:2015 QUALITY and ENVIRONMENT of the SFS-EN ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001 documents and recordings, as well as the company’s own guidance.

The objective of the action is to ensure compliance with the statutory requirements, the company’s objectives and improving the efficiency of the processes. In addition to a separate Environment and Quality manual covers the operations manual and risk assessments, as well as project-specific safety and quality instructions.

Quality, environment and safety at work (policy)
The aim is to produce high-quality, which meet the requirements of the client products and services, as well as to reduce the environmental impact of the activity. This is the purpose of product development, material management, through the development of investment and production methods.

In action we are committed to quality, environment, occupational health and safety for continuous improvement. In order to ensure the continuous improvement activities are goals and objectives, as well as the programmes of measures shall be drawn up, to which will be assessed on an annual basis.

Savaterra Ltd’s policy requires that:

  • Clients ‘ wishes and needs, and they are taken into account. Operation in accordance with the procedures of the quality system are examined by the observations. Customer satisfaction is measured all the time. -The operation of customer satisfaction is monitored by the projects meetings and customer feedbacks. However, the satisfaction of going through document management.
  • The marketing of the products and services of the company are given the right information.
  • Services will be produced in accordance with the timetable agreed in the contracts and clients. Policies give the Organization’s experience and professionalism for your use on the construction site of practical measures.
  • Jobs are managed in an environmentally friendly way without harming the environment
  • The work is used to treat safely without risk to your own staff or work site in accordance with the principles of the company’s other operators safety, environment and quality manual.
  • Working methods and equipment are constantly being developed. Development is being sought actively, in cooperation with the customers.
  • For the protection of the environment, the active customers, contractors and other authorities are being contacted and informed.
  • In the environmental policy, special attention will be paid to increasing the use of recycled oils and waste heat recycling processes for each project, as far as possible.
  • Environmental policy the BAT-principles is an integral part of the long term plans. Internally, the BAT-principles have been taken into account in the business plan, as well as the company’s objectives and the management.