Savaterra Greenfix™

Purification and remediation of polluted soil

Savaterra Savalan™

Treatment of municipal and industrial sludge for further utilisation

Savaterra SavaOil™

Liquid oily waste treatment and recycling

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Savaterra is a leading environmental technology company

Savaterra – Guangzhou, China

Polluted soil and sludge for further use using Savaterra’s methods

We employ the methods of tomorrow by removing former and possible future problems, not only ultimately but also on an economically advantageous way.

At our Greenfix™ receptory sites we treat thermally and further utilize polluted soils and other industrial materials. Using Savalan™ sludge treatment technology community and industrial waste water sludges can processed to organic i) fertilisers ii) dried or iii) incinerated to ash.

All materials treated by our technologies have been recycled 100% at the beginning of our operation.

Savaterra is a part of the SavaGroup

Collaboration with our sister company – a machinery house – Kalottikone Oy will give us always latest technology. Savaterra Oy and Kalottikone Oy a part of Sava-Group Oy. Other companies belong to Sava-Group Oy e.g. Savaterra, Kalottikone, Toptester, Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus, Santa’s Hotel Tunturi, Santa’s Hostel Rudolf, Real estate Kalotinlinna and Kiinteistöyhtiö Arktinen Portti.

Some of the thermal desorption soil treatment projects made by Savaterra Oy

Some of the thermal desorption soil treatment projects made by Savaterra Oy

Receptory site in Kemi
Kemijärvi pulp mill 2010
Guangzhou, China 2016
Naantali oil refinery 2003–2006
SNFC, Chambly, France 2011–2012
Rusko, Oulu 2016
Other projects / on-site, off-site, sludge treatment
Kotka oil harbour 2003–2006
Salla, Kursu 2013–2015
Rusko, Oulu 2016