Treatment of municipal and industrial sludge for further utilisation

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Soil improver from wastewater sludge

Savaterra Oy has developed a functional model and technique for producing a natural fertiliser and earth improvement substance directly from the sludge produced by the municipal sewage treatment plant.


Both aerobic and anaerobic sludge can be utilised in the process. The process does not affect the fertilising or chemical properties of the sludge. The sludge is made into a microbiologically safe product by removing the pathogenic and harmful microbes, viruses and insects.

Safely utilisable for agricultural and landscaping purposes

After treatment, the mechanical properties of the product are very good for uses in, for instance gardening, landscaping and agriculture. Furthermore, the product does not have any unpleasant smell that is usually typical for other production models, such as composting.

Treatment process of community wastewater sludge

Savaterra Savalan kaaviokuva
Savaterra Savalan kaaviokuva